This page has many links to handouts, grammar/vocabulary sites and, especially, compiled practice lists.  Click “Online Practice Lists” at the top in the black bar, or scroll down the right side until you see “Weblinks” to do those practice lists.  Feel free to share.

Announcement:  My Summer 2018 Class
Laney College:  Intermediate Speaking and Listening
Mon-Tue-Wed-Thurs 1-3:40pm  June 18-July 25

My Fall 2018 Classes:

Laney College:  Intermediate Grammar Tue/Thurs 6-8:40pm
          Advanced Grammar  Thurs 1-3:50pm plus online lessons

Chabot College: High Beginning Reading and Writing ESL110A
Mon/Wed 6:30-9pm


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I teach ESL at college level in California. Follow me at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brooks-Educational-Services-Your-Personal-Tutor/116187991773464
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