A and An

A, an or nothing?


  • Use “A” when you mean one.  A car, a friend, a pencil.
  • Don’t use A with plural.  Plural means more than one!
  • Don’t use A with noncount.  If you can’t count, you can’t have one.


  • Use “An” when you mean one.  An apple, an interesting movie
  • Use “An” when the next sound is a vowel sound.  An umbrella  An old coat.
  • Don’t use An with plural or noncount.  Like “A,” it means ONE.
  • Don’t use An before “U” when it sounds like YOU.   A university.  A unit.
  • Use An before “H” if the “H” is silent.  An herb.  An honor.  An historic occasion.


  • Use nothing (no a, no an) before a plural noun. (you can use “the” before a plural noun.  The children are in the park.)
  • Use nothing (no a, no an) before a noncount noun.  (You can use “the” before a noncount noun.  The milk tastes bad.)
  • Use nothing if you have a possessive adjective: my car, your class.  Not, a his jacket   not  the my sister.
  • Use nothing if you don’t have a noun. 

NOT “a funny”.     A funny movie. (movie is a noun) 

NOT “the happy”.   The happy children. (children is a noun)

NOT “an early”.    An early class.  (class is a noun) 


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