YouTube lesson on Comparatives

Comparative is how we compare TWO things.

John is taller than Mary.  Mary is smarter than Alice.  Jimmy is younger than John.

We use “er” and “than” for short adjectives
We use “more” and than for adverbs and longer adjectives.

John is more athletic than Mary.  Mary is more intelligent than Alice.  Jimmy talks more quietly than John.

Superlative is how we say the most or least of a group of things.

Lee is the tallest in my family.
Mui is the oldest in the class.
Her house is the brightest in her neighborhood.

We always use “the” with superlatives.
We do not use “than” for superlatives.  That is only for comparing two things.

Handout on Comparative, Superlative and Adverb forms and spelling

Comparative and Superlative


1 Response to Comparative-superlative

  1. Elizabeth Hernández says:

    I didn’t undertand what does mean superlative is. I understand now, and I have an idea how I can use.

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