Errors from Quiz1


Minites            purches           shulders           weekand          shourder          Eiglish

Cloths              foothbool         hoem               prrsses             woemen          eamil

Kace                fother              Valintin            cookes             busquetbood   thier

Puy                  weman            tabel                laybery                        Lany

At – on  – in

I clean my room ____Sunday.

I drink beer _____weekends.

The teacher gives a test ____ the classroom.

Many people_____ Japan visit the palace ____New Year’s day.

I do homework ____Sunday.

I cook _____home every day.

I fixed a cup _____yesterday.

What do you do ____today?

She reads an English book ____morning.

New Year’s Eve is ____December 31st.

I cook dinner _____the kitchen

3rd Person Singular “S” form

My friend sell clothes at Westfield Mall.

My teacher check email every day.

I writes my homework at home.

My wife clean the floor at home.

He sell the house.

They puts the purses on their shoulders.

My sister give me a book on Sunday.

She clean her home on Monday.

The man wash his car at the car wash.

My son play games on his computer

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