Moodle Instructions

How to Access Moodle Forums

 Go to

  1. Sign in with the same username you use for Passport
  2. The password is your birthday in the format YYYYMMDD
  3. The first time you get in, you need to agree to the terms.  On an iPad the “Yes” button is in the middle of a bunch of other words, so you might have to look hard for it.
  4. Find “My courses”  (on the left on the ipad and on the right on the laptop)
  5. Click on ESL216AB (you’re already enrolled in the course)
  6. See a picture of my students on the computer?


IF that doesn’t work, to sign in as a “Guest,”

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Laney” on the right
  3. Go to “page 2” of the departments list to ESL
  4. Find ESL216AB
  5. “Click here for Guest Access”
  6. Type the password:  ESL216AB (all caps)
  7. Click “Submit”


Your Moodle Profile and Picture

If you have a laptop or tablet with you, do this part on that machine so you can use a picture you have saved locally.  If not, do this on the computer lab computer and take the picture, email it to yourself, then download it onto the computer so you can add it to the forum.

  1. Sign in to the Moodle forum
  2. Click “My Profile” top left, then “View Profile”
  3. Click “edit profile” bottom left
  4. Next to “email display” choose either:
    a) Allow only course members to see my email address – or –
    b) Hide my email address from everyone
  5. Write a short description of yourself (country, major, family, other important information you’d like to share)
  6. Click “User Picture” at the bottom
  7. Upload a HEAD PICTURE of yourself to the forum.  If you download the picture onto this computer, be sure to delete it from the desktop or downloads folder when you’re done.

How to use the Moodle forums

  1.  Find the blue and green conversation icon in the block for that week’s assignments.
  2.  Click on it to open.
  3.  Read the question or instructions at the top and think about what you’ll post this week.
  4.  Click “Add a New Discussion Topic” to begin your answer to the question.
  5.  In the “Subject” space, type a 2-3 word subject for this post, much like the “subject” of an Email.
  6.  In the “Message” space, type your response to this week’s discussion question.  You can format it with sizes and colors and add pictures if you want to (not required).
  7.  In the attachment space, you can attach a file, but please only do that when told to for that week.
  8.  Scroll down to where you see “Post to Forum” and click on that button.
  9.  You will get a message that you have 1 hour to edit your response.  After that, it is there and set.
  10.  Go back to the top and click on the name of the forum in the green bar across the top (called “breadcrumbs”).
  11.  To respond to a classmate’s post, click on that person’s SUBJECT words, not their name.  If you click on their name, you see only their profile.
  12. Click the little word “Reply” at the far right of that classmate’s response.
  13.  For the “reply,” the Subject line is filled in, you just need to write in the “message” space. Again, like an email.
  14. Remember to scroll to the bottom to click on “Post to Forum” to post your reply.

 The First Moodle Forum Assignment:

I will post a new forum each Sunday night.  It is due by the following Saturday night at midnight.  This first forum is due at midnight the night of January 31st.

Week one: Please introduce yourself with your name, home country, languages, favorite sport to play or watch, and your major or career goal.

To post, click “Hello and Welcome” under January 20th, click “Add a New Discussion Topic” and write a short subject like you would for an email as the title. Write at least 3 sentences.  When you are done, scroll down and click “Post to Forum.”

Then find 3 of your classmates’ posts, read what they write and reply to them.  Your reply must also be 3 sentences or more.

Forum posts will not be graded on grammar, but please pay attention to your grammar and spelling as you write.  I will not reply to most posts, but will read them.  If I see very sloppy language, I may ask you to correct it before you get credit.  You will get credit if you post your own answer and respond to 3 classmates’ posts.

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