Questions Practice

Yes/ No Questions:

         Aux – subj – main verb


Do – Does – Did

Do you like pizza?   Yes I do    No I don’t

Does your teacher have kids?   Yes she does     No she doesn’t

Did you work yesterday?    Yes, I did    No, I didn’t

Is – Are – Was – Were

Are you tired today?     Yes, I am    No, I’m not

Is your friend in the hospital?    Yes, he is.   No he isn’t.

Was your father a hard worker?     Yes, he was.  No, he wasn’t.

Were you at home yesterday?   Yes, I was.  No, I wasn’t.


WH-Questions  (information questions)

        Wh – aux – subject – main verb


Where do you go to school?

What is your teacher doing now?

What does your mother cook best?

When do you get up in the morning?

Who are you talking to?

How do you feel about grammar?

Which city do you live in?

Why do you come to school?

How much do you pay for rent?

How many kids do you have?

What color do you like best?

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