Weblinks: Adverbs of Frequency

Deborah’s handout on word order and time words

The Words

Adverbs of Frequency are never, hardly ever, seldom, rarely, sometimes, often, usually, always, generally, habitually.

Other time words include: today, tomorrow, every day, now, next week, last month, this semester, and many others

Word order

Adverbs of Frequency go between the subject and verb.
Adverbs of Frequency go after the first auxiliary.
Adverbs of Frequency go after BE.

Other time words go at the end of the sentence.


A.  Practice putting adverbs of frequency in the right order






Find many more practice sites here

B.  Other time words like now, every day, next week, tomorrow…. go at the END of the sentence.  Practice putting those sentences in order




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