Weblinks: Articles: A-An-The

Deborah’s handout on articles and the many rules for “The”

Video of Deborah going through that handout

  1. A or An with Explanation  (Mark Yates) – HTML
  2. A or An (Carlos Gontow) – HTML-only
  3. A , An or Nothing  (Charles Kelly) – Flash
  4. A, An or [Nothing](Charles Kelly) – Flash, 3-Choices, 57 Questions
  5. A, An or Nothing (Quia) – Flash
  6. A, An or Nothing (Useful English) – HTML
  7. An, The or Nothing (Charles Kelly) – Flash, 4-Choices, 10 Questions
  8. A, An, The or Nothing (Larry Davies) – HTML-only
  9. A, An or Nothing (Letitia Bradley) – HTML-only

10. A or An (Violeta Tsoneva) – HTML-only


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