Weblinks: Present Perfect

Present Perfect means from the past up to now.

I have been to Disneyland many times.  This is up to now, not finished.  I will probably go again!

Form: Have/Has + past participle
The PRESENT of HAVE plus the PAST PARTICIPLE of the main verb

I have seen that movie already.
He has bought me flowers.
We have been married for 10 years.
Have you taken your medicine yet?
Has she picked the kids up?



The basic form:  have+past participle

= How long?  Since= When did it start?
I have worked at Laney for 13 years. [13 years is a length of time]
I have lived in Oakland since 1988.  [1988 is when it started. It continues up to now]

Video Lesson  https://youtu.be/1IwvbXGh6d4

Not yet
=up to now, no, but future possible.  Already=before now, yes.

Video Lesson  https://www.youtube.com/embed/vU3KybsKYv8


Ever/Never  = in my life up to now.  From my birth to now.  From the company’s beginning up to now.  From the country’s beginning up to now.  From humanity’s beginning up to now.

Ever – in questions.  Have you ever smoked?
Never – in answers.  I have never smoked.

Video Lesson



  • Lately – recent time up to now (present perfect/present perfect continuous)
  • Recently – in recent time – close to now – can use simple past (finished) or present perfect (close to now)
  • Just – very close to now   can use simple past (finished) or present perfect (close to now)

finished and done or recent and close to now or not quite finished? (explanation and practice)
Lately/Recently in questions

So far – is where you are now in a process. Some things are done already and some are not yet done.  It is usually said in 2 sentences.  One with the total range and one with how much is complete up to now.

I have to read 10 pages for tomorrow.  I’ve read 3 so far.
I need to clean my whole house for the party.  I’ve cleaned the diningroom and kitchen so far.
We’re going to visit 4 countries.  We have only 2 hotel reservations so far.

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