Weblinks: Used to do/Be used to doing/Get used to doing

Explanation and practice

used to + BASE FORM = meaning habit or repeated action in the past.  Not true now.
I used to live in Arizona.  I lived there for 4 years.  I do not live there now.
I used to play volleyball.  I played twice a week for many years.  I do not play now.

Negative:  I didn’t use to = meaning it’s a current habit that was NOT true in the past.
I didn’t use to watch the news every day.  I do watch the news every day now.
I didn’t use to like onions.  I do like onions now.

BE used to +  ING (gerund noun) = it feels normal to me.
I am used to getting up late every day.  I usually get up around 10am.
My brother is used to having a dog.   When one dies, he gets a new one.
My mother was finally used to living alone, and then she remarried.

Negative:  I’m/he’s/you’re/they’re not used to doing…. = it’s NOT normal for me.
I’m not used to taking the bus.  I usually have a car.
I’m not used to driving here.  The traffic is too busy for me.
Making friends here was hard at first.  I wasn’t used to seeing other races.

GET used to +  ING (gerund noun) = change from “NO! That’s strange!” to “It’s OK.”
When I came here, I got used to eating food from other cultures. (past)
I need to get used to working and going to school.   (present/future)
I hope my daughter will get used to paying her own bills soon.  (future)
I am slowly getting used to living in a loud apartment building (now in progress)
My son has gotten used to walking to school.  (over time up to now-pres. perfect)

Negative:  it depends on the verb tense.
simple present – don’t get used to         pres. progressive – isn’t getting used to
simple past – didnt’ get used to              pres. perfect – hasn’t gotten used to

Practice Sets:

used to/be used to/get used to

many exercises on used to/be used to/get used to

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