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  1. Apostrophes are used to show possession. 

John’s book.  Mary’s house.

When the noun ends in an S, put the apostrophe after the S:   my parents’ house    Luis’ book

When the noun is plural, but doesn’t end in an S, use normal apostrophe-S:   children’s toys.  women’s jobs.

2.  Apostrophes are NOT used to show normal plural forms

burrito’s   my two daughter’s  three day’s    These are just plural, not possessive.  No apostrophe!  5 burritos, two daughters, three days.

3.  Apostrophes are used to show that something is missing.

  • I do not like onions.  do not = do nt = don’t  The apostrophe goes where the O is missing.
  • It is a very nice day.  It is = it s = it’s  The apostrophe goes where the I is missing
  • We are making lunch.  We are = we re = we’re   The apostrophe goes where the A is missing.

4. Unusual plurals.  To make a plural form of something that doesn’t have a plural form, we sometimes use an apostrophe.  There is no plural for the letter L, so we talk about L’s.  There is no plural for the number 5, so we use 5’s.  If you write it, there is a plural for the WORD “five” which is “fives.”

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