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Complete the sentence:  http://www.better-english.com/grammar/nondef.htm

Sentence Combining:  http://web2.uvcs.uvic.ca/elc/studyzone/410/grammar/adj1.htm


Which sentence is correct?



All of which, some of which, none of which


2.  Where/When in Adjective Clauses


**Where/when need subjects after them.
It is a place which has many flowers.  Which has – no subject after “which”
It is a place where has many flowers.  You need a new subject after “where”
It is a place where there are many flowers.

That is the time which is best to begin.  Which is – you don’t need a new subject.
That is the time when is best to begin.  You need a new subject after “when”
That is the time when it is best to begin.

**Where/when REPLACE a prepositional phrase, so the preposition isn’t still there.
Oakland is the place in which I live.  Prepositional phrase= in which=in that place
Oakland is the place that I live in.   Prepositional phrase with the relative pronoun in front.
Oakland is the place where I live in.  You don’t still have the preposition.
Oakland is the place where I live.   The preposition is replaced by “where”

9:00am is the time at which my alarm rings.  Prepositional phrase= at which=at that time
9:00am is the time (that) my alarm rings at.  Less formally, you can put the preposition last.
9:00am is the time when my alarm rings at.  You don’t still have the preposition.
9:00am is the time when my alarm rings.  The prepositional is replaced by “when”

Where/When vs. Which
Where replaces a prepositional phrase:  in that place
Oakland is big.   I bought my car in Oakland (Where)
Oakland is big.   (where) I bought my car.
Oakland, where I bought my car, is big.
where=the place in which

Which replaces a noun.
Oakland is big.   We love Oakland. (which)
Oakland is big.  (which) we love.
Oakland, which we love, is big.
which=it    We love it.

Oakland is big.   I bought my car in Oakland  [in which]
Oakland, in which I bought my car, is big.
Oakland, which I bought my car in, is big.
You’re replacing only the noun, so you still need the preposition.

When replaces a prepositional phrase: at that time
9:00 is the time.   We need to be in class at 9:00.(when)
9:00 is the time when we need to be in class.

Which replaces a noun.
Monday is the day.    I dread Monday most.(which)
Monday is the day.   (which) I dread most.
Monday is the day that I dread most.

  1. We play soccer on Saturday (when/which)

On Saturday is our free day.
Which is our free day.

  1. We study at Laney (where/which) is a good school.

Which is a good school
At Laney is a good school

  1. I love my country (where/which) I grew up.

I grew up my country
I grew up in my country

  1. I graduated in 2008 (when/which) I was 22 years old.

I was 22 in 2008
I was 22 2008

  1. I live in Oakland (where/which) I love.

I love Oakland
I love in Oakland

  1. I live in Oakland (where/which) there is a lot of crime.

There is a lot of crime Oakland
There is a lot of crime in Oakland

Explanation and practice: https://www.grammar-quizzes.com/clauses-4.html

3. Restrictive/Essential/Identifying….or not?

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http://www.seattlecentral.edu/faculty/dloos/Grammar/adjectiveclauses/adjective_clauses_restrictive-vs-nonrestrictive_exercises.htm (no answers)

4. Reduced Clauses

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