Weblinks: Causative

Weblinks: Causative

Causative means you cause someone else to do something.  You don’t do the action yourself.  You have someone else do it.

He made me cry.
She asked me to clean my room.
paid him to fix my car.

person – verb – person – verb    The teacher told us to study
one person (subject form) gets another person (object form) to do the action.
I hire him to paint my house.


have+base form, get+infinitive  both mean I ask, you do. There’s no problem.
I’ll have my husband pick up the pizza.  She got her son to make the call.

let+base form, allow+infinitive  both mean the actor really wants to do it.
My dad let me go to the party.   The teacher allows us to use our cell phones.
I wanted to go to the party.  You want to use your cell phones in class.

make+base form, force + infinitive  both mean the actor doesn’t want to do it.
My mother made me clean my room.  The boss forced us to stay late.


  • Causative Verbs let,make,have plus base form (Let me go!)
  • Causative Verb help can have base form or infinitive after it. (help me do this or help me to do this)
  • All other causative verbs take infinitives: get, allow, force, ask, tell, hire, pay, convince, and many others. (ask him to stay, tell her to pick them up, hire them to do it…)

YOUTUBE LESSON: Make, Have, Let, Get, Help 

Deborah’s YouTube Lesson

Explanation, then practice with make/let/have/get

Causative practice – mixed verbs

Causatives with Allow/Let/Make/Force

Causative let vs. make

Causative be allowed to do vs. let you do

Causatives with Make/Let/Help/Have

Causative practice (#1 is passive (past participle), but the rest are base form or infinitive))

Passive Causative
Get or Have + Past Participle
The passive causative doesn’t say who one of the people is.
Either it doesn’t say who actually did the action:
I got my nails done.  I had my house painted.
Passive Voice Form with BE+Past Participle
You don’t say who caused it:
We were told to wait here.    I was asked to come in early.