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Commas with lists

2. Commas with subordinate clauses (adverb clause at the beginning of a sentence

Use a comma when you start with the dependent clause.

Until I graduate, I will keep studying hard.
I will keep studying hard until I graduate.


 Comma after Adverb Clause


3.  Commas with FANBOYS (and, but, or, so)

If you have a subject-verb set on both sides, you use a comma.
The FANBOYS conjunction is always in the middle and always with a comma.

SV, Conj SV

Information, Video lesson and Practice about FANBOYS (in case you haven’t learned about them before)

Video lesson on when FANBOYS (Coordinating Conjunctions) join clauses and when they join just a list.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENuEK6b_fdk


commas with FANBOYS