Weblinks: Conjunctions

Weblinks: Conjunctions

FANBOYS – COORDINATING CONJUNCTIONS (for and nor but or yet so) – always second, always with comma.   I work, and my wife goes to school.    I work, but I don’t get much money.

SUBORDINATING CONJUNCTIONS (because, if, unless, when, although, before, while…) – can be first or second.  Use a comma only if the dependent clause is first.
I will be there unless it rains.                                  She never smokes because it will make her sick.
Unless it rains, I will be there.                               Because it will make her sick, she never smokes.


Deborah’s Conjunctions Powerpoint Lesson

And, but, so, because
And, but, or, so

Choose the right word 1
Choose the right word 2
Choose the right word 3
Choose the right word 4

Punctuation: commas with FANBOYS (be careful it’s not a list)
Fix commas splice (add period or conjunction)