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FANBOYS= For And Nor But Or Yet So



I will not be here next week, for I have a conference.

And=both yes
I will do the work, and I will enjoy doing it. (two joined clauses)
When joining listed items, there’s no comma until you get to 3 items:
I like apples and bananas.  I like apples, bananas, and mangoes.

Nor=both no (use inverted word order for the “nor” clause)
I don’t cook, nor do I do the ironing.

But=one yes and one no/one positive and one negative, contrast
He doesn’t cook, but he cleans up after me. (joined clauses)
In a list, you don’t need the comma.  I cook but don’t clean.

Or=options (when joining clauses)
You can pick me up, or we can just meet there.
Or=both negative (when joining listed items)
I don’t like garlic or onions.  I won’t stay in this apartment or in this town.

Yet=meaning between although and but
He finished the yard work, yet it still looks messy.

So=therefore/result  (NOT the purpose/intention “so that”)
I worked really hard today, so I’m really tired tonight.


  • And is two positives.  I went to SF, and I saw a movie.
  • But is one positive, one negative.   I cook, but I don’t do the dishes.
  • Or is choices.  We can sit in here, or we can go outside in the sunshine.


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AND, BUT, and OR can join two CLAUSES or they can join two other items in a list.
When you join clauses, you always need a comma.  When it’s a list, you don’t need a comma until you get to three items in the list. (apples and bananas.  apples, oranges, and bananas).
List of CLAUSES (subject and verb):  I go to sleep late, and I get up late.
List of two nouns:  I had a hamburger and fries for lunch.
List of three verbs:  I need to clean the kitchen, iron, and make the beds.
List of two prepositional phrases:  We went to San Francisco and then on to Santa Cruz.
List of three adjectives:  Before the interview, he was nervous, worried and anxious.

In a LIST, AND=two yes, OR=two no, and BUT=one yes, one no

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