Weblinks: Inverted Word Order

Regular un-inverted English word order is:  subject – verb – object
Question word order is:  WH words – auxiliary – subject – verb object
“Inverted” word order looks like question word order in that there is an auxiliary before the subject.

Regular:   She goes home.
Question:  When does she go home?
Inverted:  Not only does she go home early, but she comes late too!

Regular:  They have seen it.
Question:  How many times have they seen it?
Inverted:  Seldom have they seen it so wet.

Good explanation, but no practice:

  1. http://esl.about.com/od/advancedgrammar/a/inversion.htm
  2. http://www.encomium.com/webmentor/tutorial/tut_invwordorder_main.htm


Explanation and practice:

  1. http://www.tolearnenglish.com/exercises/exercise-english-2/exercise-english-88760.php

Practice (do on paper):

  1. http://www.polseguera.org/advanced_english_grammar/inversion.php

Online Practice:

  1. http://usefulenglish.ru/miscellany/misc-exercise-three
  2. http://random-idea-english.blogspot.com/2011/05/negative-inversion-practice-exercises.html