Weblinks: Regrets (should have/I wish/if only)

I shouldn’t have done that


I should have done that means I didn’t and now I feel bad about it.

I shouldn’t have  means I did it and now I feel bad about it.

I wish I could go back and change what I did then.

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I wish/if only

I Wish and “If Only” are other ways to express regrets and wishes that the situation were different.

Ifs and wishes take a step back in the verb tense

I wish I had called….   means I didn’t
Use past perfect form to mean simple past time

*Do not use “was” with ifs and wishes.  Always use “were”
I wish he were here..   means he isn’t
Use simple past form with simple present time

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Should (present/future) vs. Should HAVE (past/regret)

Wishes take a step back