Weblinks: There is/are/was/were

There is/there are means a thing exists in a place. 

Are there any computers in your classroom?  Yes, there is one for the teacher.

*Watch out!  Use a singular verb when the OBJECT is singular or noncount. 
There is a rose on the table.   There isn’t any milk in the refrigerator.

Use the plural verb when the OBJECT is plural
There are 2 dogs in my neighbor’s yard.   There aren’t any pens in my bag.

Video Lesson:  There is/there are


TIMES – BE can be in any time!

There is/there are (present of be: is, are)
There was/there were (past of be: was/were)
There will be (future of be: will be)
There has been/there have been (present perfect of be: has been/have been)

Video Lessons:


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Practice: There was/There were

Mixed times: present, past, future