Weblinks: Words often confused

There are many English words that even native speakers confuse!

It’s (it is) / its (possessive of it)

There (a place, not here)/ They’re (they are)/ Their (possessive of they)

Your (Possessive of you)/You’re (you are)

To (preposition of direction towards -or- particle in infinitive “to go” “to see”)/ Too (excessively “too much” -or- also “me too!”) / Two (the number 2)

Then (time after – the next thing you’ll do).  Than (comparative.  Bigger than what?  Taller than who?]

Here are many others including principle (value/moral) vs. principal (first/leader) and accept (receive willingly) vs. except (not that one, the exception).

Homophones (same sound, different spelling)

Deborah’s Vocabulary handouts on Have, So and That