Indirect Objects Game Answers

  1.  Direct Object
  2. Indirect and Direct Objects
  3. Direct Object and Prepositional Phrase


  1. I give money.
  2. I give my daughter money.
  3. I give money for clothes.


  1. I send an email.
  2. I send my teacher an email.
  3. I send an email about class.


  1. I make cookies.
  2. I make my son cookies.
  3. I make cookies with coconut.


  1. The teacher hands pencils
  2. The teacher hands the good students pencils.
  3. The teacher hands pencil to good students.


  1. John pays the rent.
  2. John pays Mr. Wilson the rent.
  3. John pays the rent for our apartment.


  1. My boss reads the rules
  2. My boss reads us the rules.
  3. My boss reads the rules of the store.