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Youtube Video Lesson 1(begins with Spanish/English, but the rest is just English)
Youtube Video Lesson 2 

Explanation of word order and embedded questions

Explanation and practice


Word order (when it’s an embedded question, do not use question word order.  Use normal SVO word order) http://www.grammar-quizzes.com/nounclausequiz.html   (Note: on one question, you need to know that the verbs insist, demand, suggest and recommend are followed by that-object-base form:  I recommend that he study harder.  She insisted that we be there on time.)

Change question into embedded question (create noun clause)  http://english-zone.com/grammar/noun-clz1.html

More practice with Embedded questions:


Reported WH questions: Explanation of word order and pronoun changes in reported speech
eported Yes/No questions:Using “if”/”Whether” for Yes/No questions in reported speech

  1.  Step backs in reported speech
    Practice with noun clauses in reported speech.  Use SVO word order, not inverted question order.  Use step backs as necessary (times take one step back after “he said,” which is past and pushes everything else back one)

Explanation of the step-backs in reported speech

  1.  Identifying types of clauseshttp://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/quizzes/indep_clause_quiz.htm